Account Management

The profession of portfolio manager has evolved considerably over the past few years. The complexity and diversity of financial products, combined with the increasing demands of each individual client, has resulted in the implementation of new practices.

As your dedicated contact, the portfolio manager is the figurehead of a vast framework in which various teams operate. Similar to our financial analysts, he is supported by seasoned specialists and a logistics department that coordinates and monitors the transactions executed on your behalf.

Account Management

  • Active management

    Active management

    Our managers construct your portfolio under mandate and manage it on a day-to-day basis. While the strategic directions are set for the long term, there is nothing to prevent tactical and one-off adjustments being made according to circumstances allowing us to seize an opportunity or prepare for any eventuality.

  • Monitoring and coordination

    Monitoring and coordination

    The Middle Office focuses on operational tasks. Its role is to perform the administrative and accounting procedures associated with transactions placed on your behalf. The team coordinate and monitor procedures and check the quality of the transactions selected by the manager. They guarantee that our services are properly applied and ensure that orders are executed in a timely fashion.

  • Logistics


    The Back Office team carries out the processing and settlement of buy and sell transactions, delivery of securities and portfolio accounting. They calculate performances and prepare management reports and conduct analysis of individual and combined portfolios.