An Independent Banking Group Created in 1973

Dominique Reyl
"The principles and values on which our company was founded over forty years ago remain the same today. Prizing its independence, REYL & CIE is a family-run company where the human dimension is of the utmost importance. We have united a team of experienced, entrepreneurial professionals whom are committed to providing exceptional levels of client service. We are passionate about everything we do, but ultimately we are advocates of hard work, without which passion and talent cannot be fully realised."


  • Independence


    We have always maintained our complete independence. It is the evidence of our impartiality. It ensures we are free to choose the investments, custodians and other service providers best suited to your needs.

  • Human dimension

    Human dimension

    Our staff play a key role in REYL Group's success. We work in a close-knit environment, surrounded by talented, trust-worthy individuals with the skills to enhance the quality of our services and strengthen client relationships.

  • Personalised services

    Personalised services

    The management services we offer are fully customised. We build your portfolios in accordance with your specific requirements, your personal situation and your sensitivity to risk. Our role and our expertise lie in taking into account each client’s individual needs.

  • Availability


    Because the client-manager relationship can only be considered as a long-term relationship involving trust, the manager must be 100% available to clients. We are always there with you to decide the direction of your portfolio and manage it according to your evolving requirements.

  • Innovation


    Our capacity for innovation across all of our businesses allows us to deliver the most important factor: performance. You will find this desire for innovation in the portfolios built by Reyl Wealth Management, in the solutions offered by Reyl Private Office, in the proposals made by Reyl Corporate Advisory and in the management techniques used in the RAM Active Investments fund range.


  • Accountability


    Quality of service is reflected in the direct accountability of the portfolio managers. We authorise them with real decision-making powers. Far from simply being intermediaries in an anonymous structure, they are accountable at all times for ongoing assistance and support in your investment decisions.

  • Trust


    Wealth management is a particularly sensitive field, based on a genuine relationship of trust between client and manager. Our determination to provide you with the best possible service, our commitment and our availability enables us to establish this relationship of trust with you.

  • Ethics


    We aim to apply exemplary ethical standards across all our departments and divisions. This forms the foundation of our relationship of trust with our clients.

  • Discipline


    Discipline consists of self-imposed rules of conduct that allow strategy and objectives to be adhered to once set. Your portfolio and our investment funds are managed according to this obligation.

  • Work


    Work and a desire to excel are key values for all our employees. The quality of services we offer reflects of this commitment and motivation.