Further increase in assets under management and recurrent activity for REYL Group in 2016


Founded in Geneva in 1973, REYL Group ended 2016 with a 16.5 % increase in assets under Management relative to the previous fiscalyear.


The Group’s activity at December 31, 2016 shows overall progress relative to the previous fiscal year, with Assets under Management of CHF 13.2 billion (+16.5%), including
CHF 1.1 billion of Net New Money, recurring Operating Income and Operating Result of respectively CHF 99.3 million (+3.1%) and CHF 18.1 million (+19.8%), and a Tier 1 ratio of 17.7%.


Bank REYL & Cie SA reported Assets under Management of CHF 7.1 billion (+9.6%), a Tier 1 Ratio of 18.9%, Operating Income of CHF 54.9 million (+10.5%) and an Operating Result of CHF 4.2 million (+104.2%).


The Group’s consolidated figures, which include non-recurring Operating Income essentially composed of performance fees resulting from the management of investment funds by RAM Active Investments SA, show Operating Income of CHF 100.4 million (-15.8%) and Operating Result of CHF 18.5 million (-25.8%) after consolidation adjustments. This reduction is mainly due to the lower level of performance fees relative to the previous financial year (CHF -23.3 million).


The Group continues to follow an innovative strategy encouraging the active identification of synergies between its five clearly-defined business lines (Wealth Management, Corporate & Family Governance, Corporate Advisory & Structuring, Asset Services & Asset Management), and between its sites in Switzerland, in Europe, in the Middle East, in Asia and in the US. These business lines and entities allow the Group to offer its full range of expertise to a dynamic and promising clientele, mainly composed of institutional investors and international entrepreneurs.

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