REYL Group and LINK Management launch Griffin Art Partners, a securitisation platform specialised in Art Lending


Griffin Art Partners, a Luxembourg-based securitisation platform designed to provide non-recourse loans collateralised by works of fine art, has appointed LINK Management as Investment and Collateral Advisor and REYL Private Office (Luxembourg) S.à R.L., an affiliate of REYL Group, as Administrative Agent.


Griffin Art Partners provides one to three year financing against art pieces, or art collections for a minimum amount of EUR 1 million, allowing collectors and art professionals to leverage against their art assets.


“Griffin Art Partners endeavors to become one of the leading independent art lenders in Europe by offering a competitive and flexible non-recourse financing solution for art professionals and collectors” says Aymeric Thuault at LINK Management.


Eligible artworks, which range from old masters to contemporary art, are required to meet strict eligibility criteria. Griffin Art Partners can operate in various jurisdictions including, but not limited to, Switzerland, Luxembourg and the United Kingdom.

Proceeds may be used at the borrower’s sole discretion. In return, the borrower is usually required to store the artwork with a third party depositary or a free port.


LINK Management has strong experience in art financing through co-ownership with art dealers and investment in peer-to-peer art lending.


REYL Private Office (Luxembourg) S.à R.L. is in charge of managing the platform and acts as the bondholder representative, ensuring the implementation of all relevant industry standards in terms of bond issuances. KPMG is the auditor.

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