Nicolas Duchêne

"In addition to its own service offering, Reyl Singapore offers its clients access to REYL Group’s Private Office and Asset Management competences as well as to its network of external resources." Nicolas Duchêne, Chief Executive Officer. Reyl Singapore's Wealth Management services have been designed and developed to deliver the most effective and comprehensive solutions to our clients. Highly qualified in their respective fields of expertise, Reyl Singapore's teams deploy strategies that are best suited to their clients' goals and expectations.


Reyl Singapore's expertise focuses on the following services:

  • Tailored Custody Solutions

    Tailored Custody Solutions

    Reyl Singapore has established privileged third party management relationships with top rated Asian and European custodian banks in Singapore. Free of any conflicts of interest, Reyl Singapore will appoint the custodian which is the best suited to its clients' legal and financial needs.

  • Discretionary Portfolio Management

    Discretionary Portfolio Management

    Reyl Singapore offers its clients a highly personalised wealth management service. Experienced Portolio managers are highly trained and proficient with state-of-the-art financial and asset management techniques. They approach portfolio management from a broader perspective and develop investment strategies that are closely tailored to each client’s investment horizon, performance objectives, risk tolerance and projected cash flow requirements.

  • Investment Advisory

    Investment Advisory

    For those private clients who prefer to be directly involved in investment decisions and maintain a direct control over their private financial assets, Reyl Singapore offers extensive advisory portfolio management services. Our teams' advisory services include reviewing current investments based on a continuous market watch, delivering in-depth reports on all asset classes and selecting the most effective investment vehicles depending on pre-defined objectives.

  • Asset Consolidation

    Asset Consolidation

    By consolidating client assets, including cash, metals and securities deposited with several custodian banks in one single account statement, Reyl Singapore is able to provide its clients with a complete and accurate overview of their aggregate wealth. This capability enables its clients to monitor all of the costs, performances and risks associated with the management of their wealth, and to adjust their investment strategies based upon a full understanding of their situation.

  • Legal & Tax Advisory

    Legal & Tax Advisory

    Reyl Singapore covers all of the legal and fiscal services that address the diversity and complexity of its clients’ personal assets, businesses and investments. With a high level of technical expertise in optimising wealth structures, the firm’s teams take into account the various legal and fiscal constraints that are imposed by different jurisdictions to tailor the most appropriate solutions.