René Zehnder, LLM
Chief Operating Officer
René Zehnder, LLM - Chief Operating Officer
Area of expertise
With over 25 years' private banking experience, of which 20 on Asian markets, René Zehnder was appointed Chief Operating Officer of REYL Singapore in June 2010. He leverages on his banking experience and legal background to develop relationships with Asian and European financial institutions, manage Reyl Singapore’s operations and liaise with the Singapore Regulatory Authority and auditors.

Upon graduation, René Zehnder worked in Geneva with UBS and JP Morgan Chase, and in Singapore with Credit Suisse and LGT Bank, where he was Managing Director. Prior to joining Reyl Singapore in June 2010, he worked as Managing Partner at Swiss-Asia Singapore.

University education
René Zehnder graduated with a Master of Law degree (LLM) from the University of Geneva in 1986. He also completed the INSEAD IEP 99 program, as well as the STEP Certificate in International Trust Management.