Investment Grids

We draw up an asset allocation grid based upon your risk profile and the investment strategy that we have defined.

Asset allocation consists in dividing the capital you have placed with us among different asset classes (equities, bonds, money market investments, alternative and structured products as well as commodities). The objective of the portfolios constructed in this way is to achieve a balance between risk and return in line with your expectations.

While our investment grids factor in economic cycles, market movements and our proprietary research, they are equally based upon your personal stance and what you tell us about your performance objectives, risk tolerance, investment horizon and your projected cash requirements.

Investment Grids

  • Diversification


    Diversification, a vital principle of our business, is the first safety measure that needs to be applied in order to best manage portfolio risk. Through combining diverse financial products, we reduce overall risk.

  • Return & Risk

    Return & Risk

    Return and risk are the two key elements in the management of your portfolio and are closely inter-related. The lower the risk, the less the projected return. And vice versa. Your level of risk tolerance combined with your performance objectives, defined in close consultation with you, enable us to define the optimal management of your assets.

  • Customisation


    The management services we offer you are fully customised. Your performance objectives determine the basic outline of the investment. We adjust the content based on your sensitivity to risk and move closer towards optimal management. Our aim is to take into account the individual circumstances of each client.