Management Process

We select the assets with the best prospects to optimally diversify your portfolios: equities, government or corporate bonds (standard or convertible), money market investments, alternative and structured products as well as commodities.

Each type of investment has its own risk profile. Optimal diversification of a portfolio is achieved through combining asset classes with varying risk profiles.

Stock-picking is based on an assessment of economic factors, valuations and technical market analyses. It combines fundamental research and quantitative analysis. We take into account each of the factors currently driving the market.

Management process

  • Equity selection

    Equity selection

    Our first selection filter is based on market capitalisation: we concentrate on companies with a market capitalisation above EUR or USD 200 million. We then carry out ourn own analyses. Our fundamental research allows us to identify buy and sell opportunities depending on the phases of the economic and stock market cycle.

  • Bond selection

    Bond selection

    We offer a diversified range of fixed- and floating-rate products. We manage our customers’ bond portfolios on the principle of optimal diversification in terms of the maturity of the bonds, issuer type, their sector, their country of origin and the agency ratings assigned to them.

  • Alternative investments

    Alternative investments

    Alternative investments have particular risk/reward characteristics. Their performance is not subject to the direction of the markets. Therefore, they can provide better protection and reduced volatility in a bear market, precisely because they are not correlated to the markets. Their complexity and illiquidity require particularly sophisticated analysis. A dedicated alternative investment team carries out this work at REYL & CIE.