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Swiss selector hunts for EMD total return ideas 12.01.2018 Reyl & Cie’s Jonathan Cohen is optimistic on local currency EMD but is look for more innovative and total return-focused ideas to... Read more

Market Insight by Kinan Khadam-Al-Jame - Saudi Aramco IPO 10.01.2018 Saudi Arabia announced its intention to sell 5% of its national oil & gas company Aramco, which has a value estimated by the government... Read more

Inflation Disconnect Set for 2018 - Interview with Daryl Liew on Bloomberg 04.01.2018 The benign inflationary environment we are currently experiencing is not just a U.S. Phenomenon, rather something we are seeing across all... Read more

Will Middle East turmoil hit markets in 2018? Interview on CNBC with Daryl Liew 25.12.2017 Daryl Liew, Head of portfolio management of REYL Singapore, is keeping an eye on oil prices for 2018.   Click here to view CNBC... Read more

Bloomberg - Tax reform in the U.S. may not impact wage growth - Interview with Daryl Liew 21.12.2017 Daryl Liew, Head of portfolio management at Reyl Singapore, discusses the passing of the U.S. tax plan and its impact on the economy. He... Read more

Market Insight by Nicolas Roth & Marco Bonaviri - 2018: wall of worries or not? 18.12.2017 The year is not over yet, but unless a serious shock, 2017 will be remembered as a year of superlatives by investors.  All US equity... Read more

REYL & Cie awarded 2017 Outstanding Boutique Private Bank in Switzerland 14.12.2017 After having been awarded “Most Innovative Business Model” in 2016, REYL & Cie (“REYL”) is proud to have... Read more

Swiss Bank REYL Snaps Up Fintech Stake 13.12.2017 Geneva-based  Banque Reyl has snapped up a stake in a Californian online bank. The move kills two birds with one stone for the Swiss... Read more

REYL & Cie partners with Aspiration, one of the fastest-growing US online financial firms 12.12.2017 REYL & Cie Ltd (“REYL”), the banking arm of REYL Group, aGeneva-based independent diversified banking group with assets... Read more

Daryl Liew comments on Asia Pacific ex Japan markets 11.12.2017 Asia continues to benefit from the global economy, on the back of easy monetary policies and benign in flationary conditions. Geopolitical... Read more