An Independent Banking Group Created in 1973

A new approach to banking

At the core of REYL & CIE's approach to banking is its belief in offering clients highly personalised services and innovative investment solutions that meet their individual and increasingly complex requirements.

Structuring and optimisation

REYL & CIE's asset managers do not simply preserve and grow their clients' wealth, but increasingly they are optimising the structure of clients’ assets.

Personalised services

Asset management for private clients is evolving towards highly personalised services, reflecting the increasingly complex nature of the assets being held.

Managing risk

As well as capital preservation and optimisation of performance, risk management is central to all REYL & CIE's operations.

Broadening skills

To meet the growing needs of our clients, REYL & CIE's advisers are experts across a range of disciplines, who take care to place portfolio management in a broader context.